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16th October 2014

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Waiting for October: Adventures of Pete and Pete Trivia | Facebook →

Ahoy, little vikings!

Friends-of-the-zine ShanRock’s Triviology will be hosting a Pete & Pete trivia night in Portland, Oregon, on October 26th. We’ll be attending and donating prizes for the night - zines, shirts, and posters. Come on by and put your Wellsville knowledge to the test!

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15th July 2014


squirrelstree said: Hello! I am a big fan of Pete and Pete! I have some great artwork of the main characters. Is it okay if I should contribute it to either this site or the 'Zine?

The zine is over and published and has been for several years, and this tumblr is pretty much just attached to that and the Portland reunion show…

19th February 2014

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I Am A Dot →

Confession: theatticradio shared this with us months ago, and we’re just now getting around to posting it. We are terrible, and we are sorry.

I Am a Dot is a soundly pipe Pete & Pete tribute album, featuring a cover of “Hey Sandy” and five original songs. It’s free to download, and it’s lovely. You should go listen to it.

A mostly-unrelated housekeeping note: The remaining PetesFest t-shirts will go up in the BigCartel store eventually—ideally, by early summer. It’s been a mad sprint of a year, but we have not forgotten.


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1st October 2013

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Anonymous said: does your zine ships wordwide? I live in latinamerica and i would love to have a copy!

It does! Shipping prices go up outside of the U.S., though.

22nd August 2013

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What We Did On Our Summer Vacation: A Pete & Pete Scrapbook →

The behind-the-scenes ashcan zine we put together for Petesfest is now available to buy online! It contains storyboards, script pages, photos from the making of the show, and more. (For example…) Check it out!


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19th August 2013

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Back in Business →

The third and FINAL print run of Waiting for October is back up on BigCartel. This is your last chance to get a copy from us—after this run sells out, it’ll be up to contributors to print and sell if they’re so inclined.

We’ll have some PetesFest swag—including t-shirts and the ashcan behind-the-scenes zines—up later this week. Stay tuned…

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18th July 2013


Where to Find Waiting for October at SDCC

At SDCC? Want a copy of Waiting for October? Kel McDonald has a limited number at table M-13 (Sorcery 101) in the Small Press Area.

If you’re looking for contributors to sign your copy, you can also find Christopher Hasings at the Topatoco booth; and Shaenon Garrity across the street at Trickster!

Pete & Pete’s also on the programming docket today—you can catch show creators Will McRobb and Chris Viscardi on the Nick Re-Mix panel today at 2:00, in room 7AB.

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10th July 2013

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After a week of blurry phone photos of PetesFest, we are SUPER pleased to show you these plums by event photographer Pat Moran, who was kind enough to shoot the Saturday night show.

Pictured: Michael C. Maronna, Danny Tamberelli, Toby Huss, Judy Grafe, Ryan Stively, Chris Viscardi, Will McRobb, Keats Ross, Joey Ficken, and two Petunia cosplayers whose names I don’t know (if you’re either Petunia, please drop a line so we can credit you properly!)

You can find the rest of Pat’s PetesFest photos over on Flickr. He’s given us permission to post as many as we want—but if you post or reblog them, please make sure to credit Pat and link back to both the Flickr set and his tumblr.

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10th July 2013

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Waiting for October: Where to Find It!

We’ll be making Waiting for October: A Tribute to The Adventures of Pete and Pete available in our online store very soon. In the meantime:


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6th July 2013

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WfO Housekeeping - What’s New, and What’s Coming Up

-It’s been a week, and I’m still a bit shocked and awed that we actually pulled off PetesFest. Thank you, again, so much, to all the guests, sponsors, and volunteers; and to all the Portlanders who came out for the show!

-I’m still sorting and posting photos and video from PetesFest—I imagine that’ll be continuing for at least the next week. Meanwhile, if you’re impatient, look up other people’s under the hashtag #PetesFest on Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube.

-Likewise in the next week or so, we’ll be adding the third printing of the Waiting for October zine, along with some leftover Fest swag (What We Did On Our Summer Vacation zines and PetesFest t-shirts), to our shop at krebstar.bigcartel.com (the shop link in the blog sidebar).

-If you will be at SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON, you may be able to pick up a copy of the zine (and maybe the other swag; we’ll see) in person. I’ll update as we know more.

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