A Celebration of the Best Show Ever Made

28th January 2012

Photoset with 450 notes


Do you remember The Adventures of Pete & Pete? We do.

It was the best show ever: the precise distillation of all the strangeness and wonder of childhood. The sublime ache of that perfect summer you know will never come again, or a song you can’t quite capture.

Anyway, we love Pete & Pete, and we know some of you, do, too. So, we’re making a tribute zine, and we want you to be part of it.

Write or draw your favorite memories of Pete & Pete—stories, art, songs, comics, or anything else you dream up. Send ‘em to us by May 1, 2012. We’ll collect our favorites and print ‘em in a zine.

Contributors get a comp copy, plus a print-res PDF so they can print and sell their own. We’re not looking to make money from this. We just want it to exist.


E-mail submissions to peteandpetezine@gmail.com by May 1, 2012.

Written submissions—essays, interviews, memoirs, poetry, whatever—should be .doc or .rtf files. No length limit, but bear in mind that it’ll be easier for us to place shorter pieces. We’re not really looking for straight-up fanfiction, but we’ll definitely consider any and all submissions.

Comics, illustrations, and other visual media should be .tif or .jpg files, black-and-white or greyscale (maybe if this thing takes waaaaay off, we’ll do a limited color run, but we’re not counting on that), formatted to fit a 4.25” x 5.5” page at 300-600 DPI. Again, no length limit, but bear in mind that shorter pieces will be easier for us to place. If you need a spread, please indicate that somewhere in your submission.

Keep it reasonably clean: if it wouldn’t fly on the show, we probably won’t print it.

By submitting work to Waiting for October via peteandpetezine@gmail.com, you give us the right to use it in the Waiting for October print zine and tumblr. Anywhere we use your work, it’ll be credited to you. If your work appears in the print zine, you’ll get a contributor copy and a print-res PDF. The whole deal will be under a Creative Commons license, and contributors are free to print ‘n sell copies.

We are in no way affiliated with The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Nickelodeon, Polaris, or anyone but our own bad selves.

Stay pipe!

-Miles & Rachel

P.S. Special thanks to Kory Bing, who took all the pictures. You can read Kory’s comics here.

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